Visual Basic for Financial Professionals
The purpose of this site is to provide financial professionals with VBA code snippets and complete projects that can be useful in their work and development. Below is the list of our current portfolio.

Extracting Data
Retrieving option chain using the Subscribe method of the BlpData class
Retrieving different data using the AdxRtList, AdxRtHistory and MrvInstrument classes
Retrieving option chain from Yahoo!Finance using the Excel QueryTable class
Retrieving option chain from www.cboe.com using the InternetExplorer class
Demonstrating how to use Murex scripts to control the application with VBA
Excel Projects
Comprehensive tool to manage equity swap resets and set up new deal templates
Retrieves Index Weights and Dividends Data from Bloomberg and Calculates Index Dividend Points
Dividends and Corporate Actions notification tool
Building Volatilty Surface and using the SABR model for calibration
Simple tool to set buy/sell targets and track prices and dividends

VB General
Overview of Visual Basic
Procedures, Keywords, Constructs and Code composition
An example of Excel Add-in containing useful functions for retrieval of price data
An example of COM Add-in containing useful functions for market data exchange
Examples of common controls and embedded objects

Working with Email
Sending email and using Outlook events to process data
Sending email using Lotus Notes
Writing and generating html body text with Excel
Windows API Functions
OpenProcess, GetExitCodeProcess
SetCurrentDirectory, CoRegisterMessageFilter